We would be glad to do a home inspection for you,
whether you are buying an existing home or
during the construction of a new home. We also
offer maintenance inspections and RADON TESTS.
Home Inspections are not only a tool used to assist and inform a potential buyer of the condition of a
property for a real estate transaction, but also a good method to inform a current homeowner of existing
conditions that may require immediate and or future maintenance. It is a way to help prioritize the list of
required home repairs / maintenance of your home to keep within a limited budget. A home inspection
can save from unnecessary repairs or from elevated future costs due to unrealized problems.

A professional and competent inspection company will identify deficiencies with the major aspects of
the home that could affect the occupants’ safety, or the home’s livability and resale value along with
providing the general overall condition by assessing the following:

General Construction: How is the quality of the general construction? Does it meet industry standards?
Foundation: How is the structural integrity of the foundation system? Is there any evidence of cracks,
shifting, and or moisture problems?  
Exterior: Is the house in need of exterior repairs or maintenance? Are there water related grading
Roof: What is the approximate age and the estimated remaining life of the roof? What is the condition of
the existing roof product?
Plumbing: How is the condition of the overall plumbing system? Any evidence of leaks or water
pressure problems?  
Electrical: Do any dangerous electrical conditions exist? Are there apparent code violations in the
electrical system?
Heating, Venting and Cooling Systems: Are the systems in good condition and adequate &  efficient for
the home?
Interior: Do doors and windows open and close properly? Are floors firm and level?  
Kitchen & Baths: Are appliances & fixtures functioning properly? Condition of cabinetry? Visible or
hidden water damage to walls & floors?
Attached structures: What is the condition of any attached structure (sheds, decks, garages, etc.)  

A detailed home inspection usually takes two to three hours or longer, depending on the home’s age
and square footage. We recommend that the customer be present at the home inspection so that they
can ask the inspector any questions and review  areas requiring maintenance and or repair.

Colorado Home Builders offers this service for the Colorado Springs metro area.

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